Our strategic partnership with Microsoft® empowers us to provide Infrastructure/Platform as a Service (IaaS/PaaS). Once we understand your challenges and needs, we can prescribe and implement the cloud in a fashion that would be most effective and valuable in your environment.

Microsoft Office 365

As a Silver Partner for Office 365, we excel in delivering business-ready collaboration strategies using Microsoft's cloud. You can rely on Microsoft Office 365 to improve productivity, accessibility and security while enabling predictability and scalability.

- We’re on-premise experts

While the cloud is powerful in multiple settings, it’s not a solution that suits everyone. In many instances, an on-premise solution is more appropriate. While everything that can be done in the cloud can be on-premise, the contrary is not possible. There are many circumstances in hybrid network design.

Long before the cloud existed as we now know it today, Sokonetech was honing on-premise network design and implementation, as well as server and desktop solutions.

There are many circumstances hybrid network design in which maintaining on-premise equipment and software while integrating with the cloud is most efficient and cost-effective. We’ll assist with what’s best for you.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a multi-purpose web application platform which is associated with web content management and document management systems to enable effective collaboration.

We develop website and application solutions guided by the latest trends in custom website and application development technology. Our productivity-based web applications are designed to fit your chosen content management system; facilitating the creation, management, and storage of web page content. Users enjoy professional graphic design and an interactive user experience on your custom-built web page. We also offer effective E-commerce development for optimum customer buying and selling of products online.

Our proficiency in .NET, SQL, WordPress, dashboard development, enterprise and application integrations, SEO, SEM, and more qualify us to offer more value than typical website developers.

- Refining how your team collaborates

This platform enhances collaboration by streamlining connection and the sharing of information among co-workers through formal and informal networks. SharePoint manages intranet portals, websites, extranets, documents and files, social networking tools, enterprise search and more. Your teams can concurrently access, edit and collaborate on the same documents; while maintaining a history for effective version control. With access to key business applications, role-specific resources and valuable information, your teams can make more informed decisions.

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